Frac Sand Processing

McCloskey Washing Systems unveil details of their new products specifically designed to process specialised Frac Sand

Producing specification Frac sand is a challenge that requires focus on yield and efficiency, with a clear understanding of the feed material. Typically only a small fraction ‘in the middle’ of the feed gradation is product material (i.e. 20/40 mesh, 30/50 mesh, 40/70 mesh, 70/140mesh), so maximizing recovery of particles in that range is essential to maximize the downstream dry screening efficiency.

McCloskey Washing Systems (MWS) plants are designed with simple yet sophisticated process flow specific to each application.

Some Frac Sand deposits require two stages of coarse separation that require hindered settling classification (density separators) to produce coarse Frac sand products (i.e 30/50, 40/70), while other Frac sand deposits are naturally fine and simply require scalping off top end material (at nominally 20mesh) on the wet sizing screen and washing out the bottom end material (nominally -140mesh) via larger diameter cyclones to produce an industry accepted ‘100-mesh’ product [product that has nominally 10-12% +70 mesh and 10-12% minus 140 mesh].

Whether the plant requires the density separation stages (McCloskey Washing Systems CombiSand™ range) or just a single stage of cyclone separation (McCloskey Washing Systems SandStorm™ range), MWS offers the solution fit for each application. The standard plants are fully inclusive starting at the feed hopper all the way through to the sand product radial stacker. The sizing screen is fully urethane-lined, double or triple deck, with a modular urethane panel layout on each deck for easy changing of panels. The pumps, cyclones, and density separators are all Linatex, rubber-lined, and all piping is rubber or ceramic lined. The high frequency dewatering screens produce an absolute drip-free product onto the radial sand stackers, significantly reducing the amount of natural stockpile decanting time required for the sand to be dry enough to feed the dry plant.

The systems are completely modular, and delivered to site in semi-assembled form, meaning the customer has absolutely no structural design or civil work to worry about, other than pouring a concrete pad on which to set the plant. Within 5 days of the MWS systems arriving on site, the plant can be producing spec Frac sand, beginning the very short ROI period that comes with the production of valuable Frac Sand.

McCloskey Washing Systems have designed these plants with the operator in mind: productive, safe, efficient, and accessible. All these factors come together with the MWS Sandstorm® and MWS Combisand® sand plants.


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