Water Treatment & Management

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MWS Washing Systems provides a range of filter presses and thickening tanks tailored to suit your needs. Filter presses are the ideal complement to wash plants operating in Aggregates, Gravel, Sand, Stone and Glass.

Due to meet stringent specifications for more effective water recycling processes, there is pressure to introduce new solutions from the traditional lagoons that have been used to settle and reuse the water in the washing process. 

MWS offers a range of thickener sizes to suit a range of material and process types.





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Features & Benefits

Recycles up to 95% of the water used in your washing plant
Efficient Water Management
Reduced Water Consumption
Treat from 50 to 1,600 m³ of slurry per hour
Reduced costs
Utilising only highest quality materials
Low mainenance costs
Extremely low operating cost
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